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STAGE Tango Lovers


  The troupe had their start when they appeared in the "Tango Amore" performance at festivals in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2004, and then continued to evolve into the presentday Tango Lovers. Their highly artistic qualities and superb dancing skills won them the Latin ACE 2015 "The Best Musical Show of the Year" award in New York and they have been acclaimed by the press as "Tango as never seen before."

  The show consists of two parts. The first part is inspired by the golden age of tango — the 1940s and 1950s — mixing elements of costume, dance, and song together. The second part shows a different and more modern view, with avant-garde aesthetics and an artistic atmosphere inspired by the relationship between people and modern cities.

  Time: 7:30 P.M., Dec. 23 & 24

    Venue: Qintai Grand Theater (琴台大剧院)

    Price: ¥50, ¥100, ¥180, ¥280, ¥380, ¥480