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The English Concert "Shakespeare in Love"


  With an unsurpassed reputation for giving inspiring performances of baroque and classical music, The English Concert ranks among the finest chamber orchestras in the world.

  The concert "Shakespeare in Love," conducted by Harry Bicket, commemorates the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death with a program of early music inspired by the Bard's great works.

  The singers at the concert include Mary Bevan, a talented soprano who has starred in a number of operas presented by Royal Opera House and is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music, and Tim Mead, who is considered one of the best countertenors of our time.

  Time: 7:30 P.M., Dec. 13

  Venue: Qintai Concert Hall(琴台音乐厅)

  Price: ¥100, ¥180, ¥280