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Wuhan's fastest metro train

  On March 28, a metro train coated in phoenix orange — the theme color of Metro Line 7 — began its first trial run after rolling off the production line of CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. (Wuhan). This marked the birth of Wuhan's fastest metro train.

  The trains are capable of running at over 100 kilometers per hour. Currently, the top speed of the trains running on metro lines in Wuhan is 80 kilometers per hour. According to CRRC CRV (Wuhan), Type-A metro trains will be used on Line 7. Among all trains manufactured by the company, it is the type with the largest passenger capacity. Each of the compartments will be three meters in width and 22.8 meters in length. The whole metro train will be able to accommodate up to 2,528 passengers, which is about 500 more people than Type-B trains.

  Metro Lines 3, 7, 8 and the Airport Line have seen the localized mass manufacturing of their trains by CRRC CRV Wuhan branch. The railway vehicles made in Wuhan can satisfy the need of Wuhan's rail transit development. Recently, Wuhan Metro Group signed an official strategic framework agreement with CRRC CRV, aiming to further the mutual cooperation and jointly shape a world-class rail transit system in Wuhan.