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Ugandan sister city delegation compete in Wuhan Marathon

  John Kateregga, a 22-year-old Sports Science major at Nddejje UniversitUganda, clocked 1 hour, 5 minutes, 7 seconds to be the first to finish the half marathon event in the Wuhan Marathon. Kateregga is a member of a delegation from Entebbe, a sister city of Wuhan. Vincent De Paul Kayanja, the mayor of Entebbe, was invited by the Wuhan Municipal government along with a 14-person delegation to take part in the Wuhan Marathon. The mayor, together with another six top leaders of the city participated in the 13 km race. Three professional athletes, Felix Ekikana, Robert Lubega, and John Kateregga, accompanied the delegation as winners of the Entebbe Marathon which was held as part of the run up to the Wuhan Marathon.

  On the day before the marathon, staff at the Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office and the Wuhan Sports Bureau showed the delegation around the course. Kateregga told our reporter that he was feeling good, and he was confident that he could take home the winning prize. Upon hearing the race time for the 2016 halfmarathon, he said, "I can run faster than that." His personal best is about five minutes faster than last year's winner. At the Wuhan Marathon, John's prediction proved to be true. He attributed his win to preparation and three months of intense specialized training prior to the marathon.

  Mayor Vincent and his aides also finished the 13 km race. It seems that the Entebbe delegation had a busy and fruitful time in Wuhan. In addition to the marathon race, they discussed further cooperative plans with the local government and visited the Wuhan Agriculture Academy to support a joint fish farming venture.