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The UN challenges Wuhan students to reduce food waste

  A promotion was held at Wuhan No. 81 Middle School on April 9 to launch the China Youth Originality Campaign.

  Hosted by UN Environment, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, All-China Environment Federation, and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, the campaign hopes to gather creative methods from Wuhan students to reduce food waste and encourage recycling. Winners will be invited to Summer Camps and International Environmental tours in Sweden, as well as networking with UN Officials and respected leaders in environmental policy and affairs.

  Wuhan is one of the key cities where the China Youth Originality Campaign will be actively promoted. The contest is open to students from elementary and secondary schools, professional institutes, junior colleges, and international schools in Wuhan.

  Wuhan Education Bureau and Sweden Dalarna (Borlange) Promotion Office support the campaign. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Wuhan and Borlange as sister cities. Thus, a series of celebratory activities will be organized between both governments.