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Valeo China Technical Center opens in Wuhan

  Valeo China Technical Center opened on April 5 in the South Taizihu Innovation Valley of Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (Hannan) (WEDZ). It became Valeo's first investment in China this year and also its largest R&D center in Central China.

  Valeo is one of the world's leading auto parts suppliers, ranking first in intuitive driving technology and second in automotive lighting technology. The technical center covers an area of approximately 8,000 square meters with an R&D team of about 450 employees. It consists primarily of the Lighting Technical Center and the Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Technical Center.

  Established on the basis of the former Valeo Lighting Hubei Technical Center, the Lighting Technical Center is Valeo's largest lighting design and lighting technology development center in China.

  It not only develops and designs intelligent lighting technology and products for automakers in China, but also provides design support for manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Brazil, India, and other countries.

  The Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Technical Center focuses on software development for comfort and driving assistance systems. Valeo developed the world's first remote control automatic parking system for mass production. This makes it possible to automatically seek suitable parking spaces and park cars properly without any human intervention. Valeo arrived in Wuhan in 1995, and established the first technical center in Wuhan in 2004. At present, it has opened two factories in WEDZ, where they produce automotive lights and front-end modules.