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Ceremony to worship Leizu held in Yuan'an County, Hubei



  On April 12, people from all parts of China flocked to Yuan'an County, Hubei Province, to worship Leizu, a legendary Chinese empress and wife of the Yan Emperor.

  According to Shi Ji(Historical Records), Leizu (also known as Xi Lingshi), was a legendary Chinese empress and wife of the Yellow Emperor. She discovered sericulture, and invented the silk loom in the 27th century BC.

  This year's Leizu Culture Festival is jointly organized by the Association for Yan-Huang Culture of China, the Department Culture of Hubei Province and Yichang government. And during the festival, Yuan'an was recognized as the cultural shrine of Leizu.

  At present, the worship activity of Leizu in Yuan'an has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.