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The foreign-funded enterprises in Hubei exceed 9,000

  The development of foreign-funded enterprises in Hubei got off to a flying start in the first quarter of 2017: foreign-funded enterprises increased by 201, including 74 incorporated enterprises, up 31.37 percent and 76.39 percent, respectively; registered capital increased by 1.18 billion U.S.dollars, including paid-in capital of 1.003 billion U.S.dollars, up 144.05 percent and 165.92 percent, respectively, said the Hubei Administration for Industry and Commerce on April 9, 2017.

  According to the official data, the foreign-funded enterprises in Hubei have amounted to 9,062 with registered capital of 52.93 billion U.S.dollars (including paid-in capital of 40.25 billion U.S.dollars).

  It shows that foreign capital has more confidence in Hubei's investment environment with the implementation of a series of favorable policies, said a related official of the department.

  In terms of industry, 175 new registered enterprises could be classified as tertiary industry, which enjoyed a registered capital of 1.016 billion U.S.dollars, accounting for 87.06 percent and 86.06 percent of their total amount, respectively.