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Wuhan to encourage 180,000 university graduates to stay in the city this year

  Wuhan aims to encourage university students to pursue their careers in the city after they graduate.

  The city has set a goal of "encouraging one million university students in five years" to stay in Wuhan. In this very first year, it plans to help 180,000 university students to find jobs or start their own businesses in the city, according to information released at the Conference for Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security on March 23.

  According to the survey of Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, 36.08% of college students graduating in 2017 expect to get a job in Wuhan.

  To create better living and working conditions for university graduates, the bureau will implement five measures, including offering subsidies and dispensing public rental housing. The bureau will also broaden the access to job vacancies and provide 10,000 internship positions for university students.