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Cultural calendar sales boom

  Towards the end of 2015, cultural calendar sales for online stores and social media were booming.

  Cultural calendars quickly became bestsellers at local bookstores. At Sanlian Taofen Bookstore, the

  "Forbidden City" calendar and "Beauty of Chinese Characters" calendar were bestsellers; on the list, they ranked 5th and 11th respectively. Yu Zuozan, a general manager for Zonghua Book Company, said, "The 'Beauty of Chinese Characters" calendar was published relatively late. Still, the first batch of one million copies sold out quickly. Afterwards, we printed another one million copies. That batch sold out too."

  In accordance with online voting results, the 2016 "Dream of the Red Chamber" calendar was added to Zhonghua Book Company's "2015 Top 10 Bestsellers List."

  Exhibition celebrates 30 years of friendship and art

  By Wan Jianhui

  In 1985, Leng Jun, Wang Zhongchao, Zeng Fanzhi, and four other young artists established Yiyou Painting Salon in Wuhan. It served as a place for art exchanges and creation. As time went on, all of the founders went on to find success in the art world. Now, 30 years later, they have all returned to Wuhan to hold an exhibition to celebrate 30 years of artistic creation with an exhibition.

  "Retrospective Exhibition Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Yiyou Painting Salon," is open at Han Art Space in the Hanyang Cultural and Creative Industry Park.

  Around 50 pieces created by the seven founders of Yiyou Painting Salon are on display. Some of the works on display include "Fire," "Woman without Emotions," "Memory N.3," and "Volcanic Eruption."

  The exhibition will last until January 15.