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Chu charm on display in Ancient Tea Road

  Stretching thousands of miles across the Eurasian continent, the Ancient Tea Road, an ancient trade route, reflects the cultures and lifestyles of the Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese people that live along the road. Recently, Ancient Tea Road, a large-scale, innovative show put on by the Wuhan Chu Theater, debuted at the Wuhan Theater.

  Ancient Tea Road tells the story of Ke Linglong, a tea merchant working in Hankou, and Ye Tiantao, a shopkeeper, and their adventures on the Ancient Tea Road. Not only do they struggle to overcome hardships on the road, but they also deal with the vicissitudes of life. This show features unique musical elements characteristic of Chu Opera. The musical and performance elements incorporated into the show have been praised by fans, enthusiasts, and experts alike.

  Cao Lin, the President of the China Dance Academy, said, "This show is filled with modern and fashionable elements. The creative team used new media, such as the Internet and mobile phone apps, to launch "flash" activities. This is an excellent example of how traditional performance arts can embrace the modern world. It is enlightened and valuable."