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Postcards present classic Wuhan culture

  Postcards Hot-and-dry Noodles and Selling Doupi

  "Impressions and Paintings of the River City," a collection of postcards painted by Xiao Jishi, a local painter, came in first place in the favorite tourism destination category of the 2015 China Post Best Postcard Awards.

  Xiao Jishi is well known for his ability to capture the essence and customs of old Wuhan in his paintings. His award-winning collection includes ten postcards featuring images of old local restaurants and classic scenes from bygone eras. For instance, there are images of people selling doupi and cooking Chinese doughnuts on the street.

  In the 1970s, Xiao settled in Wuhan. In 2000, he decided to create paintings which highlight the customs and culture of old Wuhan. He believes that Wuhan's past has had a profound impact on its present culture. For about two years, Xiao wandered around the city of Wuhan searching for books, paintings, and photos of old Wuhan. He did a lot of research. He created a number of sketches of factory buildings, tea houses, local docks, and old alleyways. Xiao used these to create over 200 paintings.