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  Deep friendship among students

  By Liu Jia

  On December 6, the exchange and communication program, which invited 22 students from some of Wuhan's sister cities in 11 different countries, including France, Sweden, Holland, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, and the U.K. to Wuhan, came to an end. The closing ceremony featured Chinese martial arts, Chinese dances, and Chinese calligraphy performed by students from afar.

  The students who participated in the program were sad when it came time to leave. They promised to keep in touch with the friends they made here and that they would see each other again someday.

  The program is designed to promote cultural exchange and communication between Wuhan and its sister cities. According to the organizers of this program, this year's event lasted for three months. On weekdays, students attended Chinese language courses in the morning and Chinese culture classes in the afternoon. During their culture classes at Wuhan Changqing No.1 High School, not only did the 22 participating students learn Han embroidery, calligraphy, and paper cutting, but they also learned to appreciate Chinese paintings and practice Chinese culinary techniques. On weekends, they spent time with local families and experienced life as the locals do.