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Four years, one incredible Yangtze River

  Between 2010 and 2014, Yan Wang Preston, a Chinese-British photographer, explored the Yangtze River. She traveled from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau to the East China Sea, and along the way, she took a total of 63 photos with a large format camera. Her traveling exhibition "Mother River - 2015 Yan Wang Preston China Tour Exhibition" has recently stopped at Wuhan Art Museum with outstanding photos on display.

  In 2010, Yan decided to photograph the Yangtze River. Using Google Maps, she divided the river into 63 segments and then selected 63 photo spots; each spot was located roughly 100 kilometers apart. When she took the photos, she avoided poetic imagery and impressive scenery. Instead, she focused on the river, its role in the lives of the people, and its past, present, and future. Grand depictions of natural splendor are, according to Yan, as fleeting as clouds in the sky; they are beautiful yet temporary, which means they are of little or no significance.

  After finishing the project, she realized that she had made a few mistakes along the way. So, she decided to start over. When she set out on her second trip, she was five months pregnant; nonetheless, she persevered and finished the project. She said that the Yangtze is a mother to us all; it is life, which makes it so much more than just natural beauty.

  This free exhibition will last until August 26.