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Multicultural extravaganza Multicultural extravaganza


 By Vicky Huang

  The 11th Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival, the theme for which was "One Belt, One Road, One Family," was held on November 21 and 22 at Wuhan University (WHU).

  International students showcasing their cultures

  This year's festival featured a multicultural exhibition area and a performance component. In the exhibition area were stalls representing 80 different countries; most were representative of countries located along China's New Silk Road. According to statistics released by the Wuhan University International Students' Union (WISU), around 15,000 students took part in the festival. On the first day, the festival received around 20,000 visitors.

  Claude Mvé, the president of WISU and a student from Gabon, said that China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative provides opportunities for cultural exchange and prosperity. "Through this event, I was able to serve as a cultural emissary and reduce the distance between Chinese and foreign students."