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Learning Kung Fu at Wudang Mountains

  The eighth episode of Close Contact with China, a CCTV International (CCTV-4) series, was released recently. Eight foreigners explored Wudang Mountains, a famous Taoist site in China. Dressed in white and carrying traditional Chinese weapons, they experienced the charm of traditional Chinese martial arts.

  On July 7, the crew for the large-scale interactive program 2015 Chinese Bridge: Close Contact with China and eight foreign students from the U.S., Germany, New Zealand,Romania, and five other countries, climbed to the top of Wudang Mountains. Once there, the film crew recorded the foreigner's impressions of the amazing scenes and fascinating Taoist culture.

  From July 7 to 10, the foreigners experienced the intense daily training rituals of true martial artists. They held horse stances for long periods of time, ran 10 kilometers each morning, and learned to use ancient weapons including the Chinese sword and the Horsehair Whisk. The four-day experience not only introduced these foreigners to Chinese martial arts, but it also gave them a greater appreciation and understanding of Taoism.

  Chinese Bridge: Close Contact with China is jointly sponsored by CCTV, and the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban. The eighth episode is available online at cntv.cn.