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English-style afternoon tea British flavors in Wuhan



  The Chinese President's visit to the U.K. has caused quite a stir. With the strengthening of Sino-British relationships, more and more British businesses are coming to China, and elements of British society are finding a place in Chinese society. Here in Wuhan, it is not difficult to find classic British beverages, sauces, and snacks. In this issue, we will introduce our readers to a few of our favorites.

  Walkers Shortbread

  Have you ever tried Walkers Shortbread Fingers? If not, you should. This is one of the most popular products sold at Heathrow Airport and souvenir shops in Scotland. Walkers has been making shortbread in the Scottish Highlands since the late 1800s. The recipe used today is the original recipe from over a century ago. Walkers' shortbreads are made using only four ingredients: flour, creamy butter, sugar, and salt. They are firm with a smooth texture and buttery flavor. Walkers' snacks go very well with tea and coffee.

  Walkers offers a variety of products, such as fingers, rounds, rounds with chocolate chips in them, and petticoat tails. There's something for everyone.

  Available at:

  Ole supermarket at Wanda Plaza on Han Street, Wushang Wholesale Chain Company on the basement floor of Wuhan International Plaza, and Carrefour

  Marmite and HP sauce

  Marmite is exceptionally popular in the U.K., but it is rare to find it elsewhere. Marmite is made from the yeast used to brew beer. Because of the yeast content, this spread has a strong, mushroom-like smell and a tangy taste. Marmite’s pungent aroma and taste makes it a very polarizing product. Most people have a love-hate relationship with Marmite. This has been highlighted in the advertising campaign for this product. People use Marmite as a spread or serve it with meat.

  HP sauce is a brown sauce. It is the best-selling brown sauce in Britain. HP sauce has a vinegar base and contains tomatoes, dates, tamarind extract, sweetener, and spices. It is the perfect sauce for steak and other meat dishes.

  Available at:

  Both sauces are available at Ole supermarket at Wanda Plaza on Han Street.

  English-style afternoon tea

  Afternoon tea is a well-known British tradition. Last year, Annvita Tea House brought afternoon tea to Wuhan. Characterized by its classic British décor, Annvita Tea House is a cozy place for people looking to spend a leisurely afternoon drinking tea and chatting with friends. This pleasant little tea house offers a complete afternoon tea package. Snacks are served on a three-tier curate tray. On the bottom are savories and sandwich bites, scones and fruit bread can be found on the middle tier, and on the top are cakes and other pastries. Customers are encouraged to start at the bottom and work their way up. The sweets and desserts vary in accordance with the season. The snacks pair nicely with the fine teas available. Customers can choose classic Earl Gray, Darjeeling, or the innovative fruit and herbal teas.

  Annvita Tea House offers a wide range of choice teas. The featured brands include Whittard of Chelsea, a renowned British tea company established in 1886 in England.

  Available at:

  Wuhan International Plaza, Chicony Plaza, and Han Street


  The British are well known for their potato chips. Here in Wuhan, there are two lesser-known yet tasty types of British crisps available at local supermarkets.

  Although this brand has only been around for 13 years, Tyrrells is considered to be one of the best crisps brands and has received numerous taste and quality awards. Tyrrells' chips are handmade. The potato slices are thicker, which means that the chips are crunchier and you can really taste the potato flavor.

  Tyrrells' chips come in seven different flavors. The sea salt and cider vinegar chips are especially delicious and highly recommended. They offer a salty and sweet combination that is practically irresistible. It resembles the salt and vinegar taste of fish and chips.

  Mackie's is a brand which is not very well known outside of Scotland. Their crisps are made using potatoes grown domestically. The flavors of Mackie's crisps are unique. Rather than offer the usual barbeque or sour cream and onion chip flavors, they add a touch of Scotland to their flavors. For instance, Mackie's offers haggis and whisky chips, which are decidedly more delicious than the name suggests.

  Available at:

  Tyrrells' chips can be found at Ole supermarket at Wanda Plaza on Han Street and Wushang Wholesale Chain Company on the basement floor of Wuhan International Plaza. Mackie's crisps can be found at Ole supermarket at Wanda Plaza on Han Street.