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  • Wuhan breakfast snacks

    Hand-drawn pictures of Wuhan's favorite breakfast snacks including hot and dry noodles, doupi, soup buns, deep fried dough sticks, and deep fried sweet potato cubes, have gone viral on Weibo and

  • Fried Bean Curd Sheets

    Fried Bean Curd Sheets stuffed with three delicacies are a classic Wuhan breakfast. To make this dish, bean curd (or tofu) is stuffed with pork meat, egg and shrimp.

  • Hongshan Vegetable Bolts

    A kind of red vegetable grown in Hongshan District in Wuchang is a speciality of Wuhan. It is crisp and tender with a refreshing flavor.

  • Bean-residue

    "Bean-residue" also known as lazy tofu, it is a kind of soy food in Enshi, central China’s Hubei province.

  • Tang Bao

    Tang bao is a large, soup-filled baozi from Hubei Province, central China. It is one of the traditional Hubei local delicacies.Two forms exist.

  • Lotus Root

    Lotus root, rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients, is honored as the king of vegetables in oriental nations. It can improve immunity and slow down aging process.

  • Wuhan duck

    Wuhan duck refers to several dishes from the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province, China. The dishes are specific parts of a duck, including the tongue, head, feet, liver, kidney, and most popularly

  • Yunxian Yellow Wine

    The aged yellow wine in Yunxian County has a long history and was invented by folk people. In the recent years, aged yellow wine was brought to Wuchang and other areas by the immigrants from Yun

  • Qingshan Roasted Sesame Cake

    Qingshan Roasted sesame cake is a traditional food in Qingshan of Wuhan since the end of Qing Dynasty. It enjoys great reputation along the Yangtze River region, and sells well at home and abroa

  • Zigui Navel Orange

    Zigui County in central China’s Hubei is one of famous navel orange production areas in China. The favorable environment, climate and soil here make the county an ideal place for cultivation of

  • Osmanthus paste rice wine

    Many Wuhan locals have several fried rice buns (mianwo) and a cup of sweet osmanthus paste rice wine for breakfast. This is said to be a nutritious and flavorful breakfast, a perfect way to star

  • Xinzhou Shuangliu Pickle

    Xinzhou Shuangliu is a national level demonstration area of large-scale standardized cultivation of pollution-free vegetable and the largest production base of pollution-free vegetable in Hubei 

  • Huangzhou Dongpo Pork

    The well-known dish of “Dongpo pork” is a traditional dish in central China’s Hubei province. As known, it was created by Su Dongpo, a famed Song Dynasty poet and gastronome, in Huangzhou, Hu

  • Osmanthus cakes

    Osmanthus cakes, which are made from glutinous rice flour, sugar, and osmanthus honey, are believed to be first made over three hundred years ago.

  • Moon cakes in Mid-Autumn Festival

    This year's Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 15. More than a month ago, many supermarkets and grocery stores began selling moon cakes. Wuhan people enjoy many different types o