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Wuhan ranks 2nd on City Friendly Interaction Index


   By Sue Liu

  According to sources from the Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office, Wuhan ranks second out of 254 Chinese cities in the City Friendly Interaction Index (CFI Index). This ranking is initiated in the blue book of urban competitiveness by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries — A Special Report on China Urban Competitiveness (1973-2015): An Open City, A Win-Win Future.

  The CFI covers five indexes: interaction length, range, depth, willingness, and frequency. The report says Wuhan is China's inland cities' paradigm for city friendly interaction, ranking at the top of the index of interaction length among all the sample cities, and performing best with interaction depth, primarily in the areas of education/talents, politics, and culture/arts. Wuhan also leads the ranking for interaction frequency for its advantages in educational resources.

  By September 1, 2016, Wuhan had associated with 22 Sister Cities and 70 Friendly Exchange Cities all over the world.

  Officials from 23 countries attend seminar in Wuhan

  By Ke Bing

  The 2016 Seminar on Economic Globalization and Industrial Transfer for Developing Countries opened in Wuhan on August 29. All 72 government officials from 23 countries, including South Africa, Columbia, Iran, Egypt, Mexico, and Indonesia, attended the opening ceremony, and they will participate in the seminar.

  Jointly sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the seminar is hosted by the China-Europe Vocational Training Center at Wuhan Textile University.

  The seminar, which will last for 21 days, is divided into two parts: lectures and field trips. The lectures are all about hot topics such as the development opportunities and challenges of globalization, economic diversity, and industrial development. During the seminar, participants will have field trips to Beijing and Shanghai.