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5th G20 Sherpa Meeting to be held in Wuhan


  By Zhou Ju & Zhang Weina

  The "High Mountain and Flowing Water" performance at the G20 Summit gala (Xinhua News Agency)

  The 2016 G20 Summit was held from September 4 to 5 in Hangzhou. Although the summit of heads of state or government lasted for only two days, other G20 conferences at different levels will last for a whole year, including the 5th Sherpa meeting, which will take place in Wuhan at the end of October.

  The G20 includes conferences held at different levels, of which, the summit of heads of state or government is the highest level, and major economic and financial issues from around the world will be discussed. China has held 60 G20 meetings, including the G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting in June and G20 Business Leaders Summit in July.

  The first G20 Sherpa Meeting took place in Beijing in January this year, and is one of the main channels for making political preparations for the G20 Summit. The Sherpas, appointed by the heads of each member country, are mainly senior officials responsible for foreign affairs as well as economic and financial affairs. Four Sherpa meetings have already been held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Hangzhou this year.

  According to Chen Fengying, a researcher from the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, the Sherpa meeting in Wuhan is expected to draw a conclusion for all the follow-up work of the 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou. In addition, it will lay the groundwork for the opening of the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.