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Dad and daughter climb 5000-meter snow mountain



  Little painters absorbed in painting

  Photo by Xiong Bo

  Chen Zijing, 13 years old, from Wugang Experiment School accomplished quite a feat during this summer vacation. She and her dad, Chen Bin, succeeded in climbing to the top of the 5,396-meter-high Haba Snow Mountain in Shangri-la, Yunnan Province.

  Zijing's dad trains his daughter every summer vacation to develop her spirit of perseverance. They cycled about 400 kilometers around Qinghai Lake in 2015, and hiked most of the way from Kunming to Deqin during a backpacking excursion in 2014. Encouraged by her father, the little girl spends most of her spare time in outdoor activities. Her father told her that people may come across many unexpected incidents in outdoor activities, just like in real life, and only those who persevere will be successful.

  Zijing is now among the top ten students in her class, with outstanding adaptive and problem solving skills.

  One thousand children paint "The Most Beautiful Children's Picture"

  The final stage of "The Most Beautiful Children's Picture" competition was held at Wuhan Citizens Home on August 20, where around a thousand children spent two hours painting their dream pictures. Many were so absorbed that they stood the entire time while painting. Their devotion attracted parents and teachers, who couldn't help taking photos of their little ones from time to time.

  The children really enjoyed themselves, chatting with each other during and after the competition, which was precisely the aim of "The Most Beautiful Children's Picture" activity.