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Mom's loving cartoons of daughter



  Nini holding an umbrella for dad



  Drawings of Nini and her dad

  Cartoons drawn by Yu Jie, a 39-year-old mom who lives near Beihu, Hankou, stunned her WeChat friend circle. She has drawn some beautiful charactures of her daughter Nini with her father.

  Yu Jie thinks the most important thing about these pictures lies in their truthfulness to life, in addition to expressing the moments of surprise and joy that her daughter has brought her. Just imagine: on a rainy day, Nini and her mother went to pick her dad up from work. She said, "I can protect my dad from the rain!" She stood on tiptoe with an umbrella held high to cover his head.

  When Nini was three years old, she liked the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but was afraid of the big bad wolf. To relieve Nini's fear, Yu Jie came up with an idea and drew a picture book named Little Red Riding Nini for her. In the book, Nini became the lead character and the evil wolf was turned into a lovely one.

  Nini likes her mom's cartoons so much, which greatly encourages Yu Jie to keep recording all the memorable moments of her daughter's life in this way.