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Flood fighting, a new topic for Wuhan Impressions 2016



  By Song Lei

  Since the beginning of this summer, Wuhan has been plagued by chronic rainfall and major flooding, which had both soldiers and civilians ramping up efforts to prevent water-related incidents. Thanks to their concerted efforts, Wuhan did not suffer any serious consequences.

  Among all the contributions for the book series titled Wuhan Impressions 2016, flood-fighting is a hot topic reflected in numerous calligraphy, painting, and photography pieces.

  Flood Evacuation, a traditional Chinese painting drawn by Yu Xiaobo, depicts a soldier pulling an assault boat ferrying victims of the flood. It is still raining and the water level is up to his waist.

  Born in E'zhou, Yu came to Wuhan six years ago. Right now, he is working at a technology company and traditional Chinese painting is his hobby.

  Early in July of this year, Yu was moved by a photo in a news report that showed how Zhifang in Jiangxia District was plagued by a major flood and 11 locations were waterlogged. The CAPF (Chinese Armed Police Force) Fire Fighting Force deployed assault boats and one of the soldiers could be seen in the photo transferring the trapped residents. The image touched Yu's heart, and he completed the work in a week.