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Live streaming on the most beautiful bus line


  Gaive Junior (man in black T-shirt) with other young people streaming on bus No. 402 Photo by Zhang Ning

  By Wang Gang

  On August 28, a group of young people took a ride on bus No. 402 while live streaming on Weibo. This bus line has been known as the most beautiful bus line in Wuhan.

  Among the group was Gaive Junior, an international student at Wuhan University of Technology who is from the Republic of Congo. "I took bus No. 402 before. It was an amazing bus line. One single ride will allow you to appreciate the best views of Wuhan," he said. Gaive Junior has stayed in Wuhan for more than four years. Not only is he able to speak fluent Chinese, but he is also able to communicate with people in Wuhan dialect. He became known to a lot of Chinese netizens for the videos he posted online, in which he spoke in an authentic Wuhan dialect.

  Bus No. 402 was put into operation in 2000. As a tour bus, it passes through over 10 scenic sites in Wuhan, including the Yellow Crane Tower, Guqin Platform, East Lake Scenic Area, and Hubei Provincial Museum. It is very popular among tourists. Starting from June 26 this year, the No. 402 buses started to provide bilingual (Chinese & English) broadcasting services.