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25 high-temperature days recorded during 40-day hot season





  On the afternoon of August 25, an unexpected heavy downpour in Wuhan brought relief from the hot spell and lower temperatures.

  Photos by Zhou Di

  August 25 was the last day of San Fu (三伏, the three periods of summer heat wave) this year, after which the autumnal coolness finally arrives.

  The San Fu started on July 17 this summer, lasting for 40 days, during which Wuhan experienced 25 high-temperature days (days with a high temperature above 35℃). The number was the second largest in the past 50 years. Wuhan was hit by two continuous heat wave periods, lasting 12 and 10 days, respectively, from July 22 to August 2 and August 10 to 20.

  Reports suggest that Wuhan will remain cloudy for the first few days of September, with the daily high temperature lingering around 28-31℃ and a low of 22-23℃.