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Looking at the city from above


   By Gengga Zhuoma

  A series of photos titled Aerial Views of This Colorful City were very popular on the Internet. Liang Zhenkai, the photographer behind these photos, said that he has climbed nearly 20 skyscrapers to shoot the rarely seen urban landscapes.

  On top of high buildings between 26 and 33 stories, Liang will choose an angle from which bridges, traffic flows, and landmarks can be seen. He would seize the best opportunity to take advantage of natural light. He has found that in summer, the short period from

  7:20 P.M. to 7:50 P.M. provides the best shooting conditions, and so he has to hurry to the chosen site right after work, often skipping supper.

  "I did it purely out of my love for my hometown. Seeing more skyscrapers springing up, I want to record the changes of the city's skyline by standing on top of it."