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Caring for the people of Wuhan


  The Carpenters Photos provided by Mr. Carpenter  



  Steve Carpenter

  Nationality: The U.S.

  Time spent in Wuhan: 9 years


  Deputy General Manager of Sales and Service, Diamond Power Machine (Hubei) Company

  By Jessie Fan

  Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, Mr. Carpenter doesn't have that problem. For his outstanding contributions to Wuhan and Hubei, he was awarded the Yellow Crane Friendship Award and the Chime Bell Award. Mr. Carpenter has lived in Wuhan for nine years, and in that time, not only has he served as the general manager at a major American enterprise, but he has also engaged in efforts to improve the lives of Chinese citizens and expatriates living in Wuhan.

  General Manager of Hubei's second Chinese-American joint venture

  Mr. Carpenter worked for Diamond Power International Incorporated, a globally acknowledged leader in boiler cleaning and ash handling, for 14 years in the U.S. He started his career at Diamond Power as an engineer. Before coming to China, he was the Sales Manager for the Midwestern U.S.

  In 1987, Diamond Power Machine (Hubei) Company (DPMH), a 50/50 Chinese-American joint venture company, was set up in Jingshan, Hubei. It was the second Chinese-American joint venture company established in Hubei Province. The establishing company on the American side was Diamond Power International Incorporated.

  In 2004, DPMH became a completely foreign-owned enterprise; the American company bought the remaining 50% from its local Chinese partner. That was when Mr. Carpenter, along with his wife and three children, moved to Jingshan and became DPMH's General Manager.

  DPMH manufactures and sells ash removal and environmental cleaning equipment for the coal fired electric power generation industry and heavy carbon fuel burning steam generation factories in China and other countries.

  As the company quickly developed, the management and engineering resources in Jingshan gradually became insufficient. To resolve this issue, DPMH decided to move its headquarters to Wuhan in 2007. Mr. Carpenter and his family had already moved to Wuhan the previous year.

  Now DPMH has 80 employees in Wuhan working in the engineering, sales, finance, and HR departments. All the factory-related jobs are still in Jingshan.

  Two awards and a five-year visa

  Mr. Carpenter was awarded the Yellow Crane Friendship Award and the Chime Bell Award in 2009 and 2013 respectively. He attributes this honor to the people he works with because he believes that anything successful is never done by one person. "I had the good fortune to work with some very excellent people. I am fortunate to be the leader of some very talented and capable people." While his modesty is admirable, there is no denying that he has contributed a great deal to Hubei and Wuhan.

  In 2007, DPMH purchased life insurance and commercial medical insurance for all of its employees. "We were told by the government that we were the first company in Hubei to provide this kind of insurance, and not just for our employees, but for their spouses and children as well."

  In 2013, DPMH built a brand new factory in Jingshan. "We wanted to provide a stable opportunity for Jingshan. This was supported by the government," Mr. Carpenter said, "Foreigners can contribute to the economy."

  In addition to working to create a better DPMH for Jingshan, Mr. Carpenter has also devoted himself to the provision of advanced services for the senior citizens in need of proper care in Wuhan.

  In March of this year, China's first Home Instead Senior Care, a company that provides advanced in-home care and non-medical care to senior citizens and patients suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, and other chronic illness, officially opened in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The headquarters for Home Instead Senior Care, the industry leader for in-home and non-medical care, is located in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

  Mr. Carpenter is one of the people who worked very hard to open Home Instead and is the chairman of the board for this company.

  For his contributions to society, not only has Mr. Carpenter been awarded two prestigious awards, but he has also been given a five-year visa. "After hearing recipients of the Yellow Crane Friendship Award qualify for two to five-year visas, I applied. I received it in March, 2014." It is said that Mr. Carpenter is the first expatriate in Wuhan to receive a five-year visa.

  Making friends through marathons

  Mr. Carpenter likes to run in his spare time. He has participated in marathons in Hainan, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Hong Kong.

  While training in Wuhan, he met Herb Mittler, the Director of Admissions and Marketing at Wuhan Yangtze International School. "Herb Mittler and I have run all the marathons together. As we train, we talk, and we have become very good friends. We started training for our first marathon together back in 2007; we've been friends for eight years now." Mr. Carpenter enjoys experiencing Wuhan and China with Mr. Mittler and his family. Sometimes, they take their sons, go into the mountains, hike, and camp in the mountains for a few days.

  Talking about the local food, Mr. Carpenter recommended a restaurant. "In Wuchang, there is a place near Hubu Alley where we get clothes made. Nearby there is a restaurant that all the foreigners call 'Greasy Joe's.' When I go out there, I like to stop there for a meal. I like the food there a lot."