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Hubei issues first work permit for foreigner



  On April 18, Australian Penelope Jo Quarry received her work permit, marking the first foreigner's work permit issued by Hubei Province since April 1, 2017.

  On March 29, Hubei Foreign Experts Administration Bureau announced that foreigners who come to Hubei would get a new unified work permit since April 1, replacing the Alien Employment Permit and Foreign Experts Certificate, for which a foreigner always has to spend months to obtain.

  The work permit prints the basic information like name, gender, nationality, date of issue, issuing authority, permit number and a QR code for more details.

  It was introduced that Hubei is scheduled to implement a more open work policy for foreigners in Hubei FTZ, so as to provide more convenient service and stronger protection to guarantee the construction of Hubei FTZ.