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2016 China Cybersecurity Week opens in Wuhan

On September 19, the 2016 China Cybersecurity Week opened in Wuhan, capital city of cetral China’s Hubei Province, and is scheduled to drop the curtain six days later on September 25, 2016.

Almost 100 internet enterprises from home and abroad have been selected to participate in a cybersecurity exhibition, which aims to focus on how to prevent online threats posed by technical services or products.

The enterprises will help educate the visitors on cybersecurity and how to prevent cyberattacks during the Week.

A cybersecurity technical summit which will also be held to spotlight several hot Web issues, including how to educate cybersecurity talents and keep big data safe. Security specialists and internet executives from foreign countries, such as Russia, the United States, South Africa and New Zealand, will deliver speeches on these issues at the summit.

At the opening ceremony, people who have contributed to the protection of cyberspace over the past year was rewarded.

It is the second edition of Cybersecurity Week in China with the previous theme of protecting youngsters who surf the internet.